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Module I "Beethoven Openings" - Indaiatuba/SP

This course is for those who want to start their conducting studies or already have experience and want to improve themselves technically.


Topics to be covered:

• Gesture Technique

• Test technique

• Repertoire analysis

• Conducting practice

• Leadership techniques


Opening "Egmont" Op. 84

Opening "Coriolanus" Op. 62

Opening "Leonora" No. 3 Op. 72b

Symphony #1, Op. 21

Cartaz - Modulo I Beethoven - Indaiatuba


*****Promotion till 10/11/2019*****

(at sight by bank deposit)

Cash payment by bank deposit or PAG SEGURO by link:

Link to payment at PAG SEGURO

(Bank slip, debit card, credit card*)

* parcel in 2x interest-free or in 18x with interest

or bank deposit

Bank: Caixa Econômica Federal

Agency: 4364

Operation 003

Current Account: 778-7


*send proof by email:

Schedule of Activities:

15/11 - FRIDAY:  09h00 as 12h00

                           14h00 as 17h00

16/11 - SATURDAY: 09h00 as 12h00

                                14h00 as 17h00

17/11 - SUNDAY: 09h00 as 12h00


* 15 hour certificate


Course location:

Address: Rua Argentina, 344,

Vila Castelo Branco - Indaiatuba/ SP

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