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Cursos Online: Academia de Regência

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Individual Class - 1-hour conducting class

For you who would like to have an exclusive service on:

- gestural technique for conductors

- analysis of specific repertoire (structure, harmony, music history, aesthetics and interpretation)

- preparation of conductors for masterclasses, competition, festivals, entrance exams for music

- guidance for writing musical projects (creation of choirs, orchestras and social projects)

Language: Portuguese or Spanish

Single investment: R $ 80.00

Monthly package: R $ 300.00 | Semi-annual package R $ 1750.00

* Consult available day and times

Study Group I (Beginner)

2-hour conducting group class

Class schedule:

  • Musical form and structure (song, binary, ternary, rondo, minuet trio, rondo, theme and variation, sonata form)

  • Modes, Scales, harmonic field, modulation, cadences

  • Anatomy of the gesture: simple, compound, dynamic, fermatous, articulation

  • Use of the Baton

  • Applying technique to repertoire I

Language: Portuguese or Spanish

Monday from 6 pm to 8 pm (weekly meeting / except holidays)

Investment: R $ 600.00

Duration: 6 months

Start: 06/15/2020

End: 12/15/2020

Study Group II (intermediate)

2-hour regency group class

Class schedule:

  • More music analysis tools

  • Historical interpretation

  • Applying technique to repertoire II

  • Applied technique: irregular compass, expressiveness of the left hand

  • Organology

  • Transposition

Language: Portuguese or Spanish

Wed - F from 6 pm to 8 pm

Investment: R $ 600.00

Duration: 6 months

Start: 06/17/2020

End: 12/17/2020

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