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Conducting Practice - Curitiba/PR

The Orchestral Conducting Practices guided by conductor Natália Larangeira arrived in Curitiba. This course is destined for conductors, without age limit, who are in training period and need to develop practice in front of a group. We offer eight places for active students and we have no limit of places for student listeners. In addition to the practice offered at the front of the group that is destined for active students, all students will have access to the exercises and techniques of gesture and rehearsal developed by the conductor.

Classes will take place from May 14 to 17, from 9am to noon, at TeUNI, which is located at the historic headquarters of UFPR. We will have two days of classes supported by a pianist and two days with the string quintet, working on works from various periods which allows the discussion on interpretation. The classes will be recorded on video and on the last day there will be a display of the results destined for active students, where they can record a work of capo al fine.



Peter Warlock - Capriol Suite

Vivaldi - Concert in G Major "alla rustica"

Vivaldi - "Olimpiade" Opening

Mozart - Divertimento in Re Major

Vaughan Williams - Rhosymedre

Holst - Suite Brook Green

Piazzola - Melody in La Major

Santoro - Mini Concert Grosso

Bartok - Romanian Dances


Values and Inscriptions:


The inscriptions can be made until April 12th through the form beside and has the value of R$50,00 non-refundable.


The course is worth R$650.00 for active students and R$300.00 for listening students.

Students who enroll and pay by April 26th will have a discount of R$50.00 on the course, resulting in R$600.00 for active students and R$250.00 for student listeners.


 It can be carried out by bank deposit*, bank slip or credit card** by Pag Seguro.


* Bank deposit

Bank: Caixa Econômica Federal

Agency: 4364

Operation 003

Current Account: 778-7


*send proof by email:

** For credit card payments we have interest-free installment options.


For questions, please contact

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